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Some of Our Products



Some examples of the products that have been developed and commercialized include:


Kool Suit Personal Cooling System

  • Personal conductive cooling for under body armor
  • Battery operated system circulates coolant throughout unique tubing-lined garment
  • Also provides chilled hydration
  • 125-150 watts metabolic heat removal
  • Mission tailorable (temperature and capacity)

Kool Suit- Personal Cooling Vest



K9 TE Kennel

  • Recovery area for EOD, tracker, body dogs
  • Provides chilled floor for canine
  • Provides warmed floor for canine
  • Runs off 12/24-v DC, 110/220/240-v AC plus battery pack
  • Developed for TSWG
  • First prototype delivered in 1 month

K9 TE Kennel cooling crate



Burlytic Systems

  • Unique electro-chemical deburring system
  • Uses patented, environmentally-friendly electrolyte deburring solution
  • Precision and Selective Deburring that is highly repeatable
  • Handles low or high volume throughput
  • Perfect for parts that are delicate, need a polished finish, have close tolerances or complex configurations

Burlytics deburring machine



Reactive Targets

  • Pop-up range targets
  • Supports 25-lb 3D mannequin
  • Counts impacts for multiple hit-to-drop
  • Ignores blast effects
  • Response option (shoots back!)
  • Developed for DOE security forces
  • First prototype delivered in 3 months

Reactive Target



Protective Entrance & Tunnel Airlock (Litter Patient) (PE/TALP)

  • Airlock development
  • Ambulatory & Litter
  • Reduced dwell time (3.5-min to 1.0-min)
  • Improved mechanicals & structure
  • First prototype delivered in 3 months

Protective Entrance & Tunnel Airlock (Litter Patient) (PE/TALP)



Weapon Aiming And Surveillance System (WAASP)

  • Self contained remotely operated weapon mount
  • Vehicle mount configured as x-bed tool box controlled from inside armored cab
  • Static mount configured as separable modules (weapon box, electronics, controls)
  • Multiple imagers (visual, IR/thermal)
  • Multiple safeties
  • Remote cock/re-cock
  • Vehicle mount includes independent driver thermal imager
  • Developed for DOE
  • First prototype delivered in 3 months

Weapon Aiming And Surveillance System (WAASP)



Tactical Rebreather

  • Closed loop surface SCBA
  • Developed for TSWG & first responder user groups
  • 2-hr capacity with 30-min reserve @ 20-lb
  • Positive Pressure Mask
  • O2 sensor with system status indicator
  • Currently under test at NPPTL
  • First prototype delivered in 6 months

Tactical Rebreather



Emergency Escape Breathing Device (EEBD)

  • O2 Pendulum Rebreather
  • O2 flow demand is automatically regulated
  • Unique LiOH CO2 Scrubber
  • When rebreather is spent SCSR 'docks' to any other breathing air supply
  • Runs cooler than KO2 devices
  • 20-min. and 60-min. breathing versions
  • Weighs 5.7-lb.
  • Developed for NIOSH
  • First prototype delivered in 3 months

Emergency Escape Breathing Device (EEBD)



Earth Anchors

  • High-quality, innovative anchoring products for a wide variety of applications including tents, sheds, trees, airplanes, radar systems and towers

Earth Anchors



Some examples of the products that are in development include:

Crew Kooler

  • Combined mounted / dismounted personal cooling
  • Mounted cooling via electric cooler brick
  • Dismounted cooling by thigh pack cooler.
  • Thigh pack recharges when plugged into vehicle system via double heat exchanger
  • Fitted with break-away quick connects

Crew Kooler



HELO Sling

  • Developed the GRAPLES System consisting of a male coupler suspended from an aircraft sling and a collapsible collection cone leading to a female receiver attached to the load
  • Nominally built as a 10,000-lb capacity device, the GRAPLES System has been tested to over 70,000-lb load in laboratory testing and supported more than 50,000-lb in crane testing
  • Demonstrated successful coupling of a helo sling to a load in a hands-free mode and decoupling via the remote release handle
  • Device is considered ready for advanced military helicopter slung load flight testing

Helo Sling Graples Device in use



TPI has performed project and program efforts for companies in the USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, England, Germany, Austria and France. Click here to see some of the companies and organizations that have contracted with us.

If you have any questions or if you'd like to find out how we can assist you with your engineering or manufacturing needs, please contact us.